"We are all about inspiring people, education, and kingdom building."

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We inspire kingdom people to educate themselves and change the world. We provide kingdom resources; blogs, videos, books, biblical teachings, and other resources for the equipping of kingdom believers. We are committed to the call of God Matthew 28:16-20. God has empowered us to influence, inform, and ignite the hearts of people all around the world. We are all about inspiring people, education, and kingdom building. Read our blogs, Watch our ministry videos, and shop in our online store. The Word of GOD inspires us to live.

Prophet Marquez

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The Fake Protege"2016 Is The Year of Spiritual Breakthrough. I literally see people losing their appetite for the world and becoming hungry for GOD. We are in a time and season when people will start believing in the name of Jesus Christ and serve him with all their heart. ~ Prophet Marquez Griffin


Your financial support is important to us. When you invest into Prophet Marquez International you are commissioning the work of the ministry. We believe your investment into the Kingdom of God for the purpose of ministry is his will. Our vision is to transform people lives through The Word of God. Your financial support enables us to promote God's Kingdom Agenda Internationally. Remember, your seed activates your harvest. Expect to receive God's Favor and God's Wisdom! Expect! Expect! Expect!

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