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About Prophet Marquez

The Passion of an overcomer describes Marquez Griffin. Having faced the challenges of childhood abuse, rejection, and overcoming the loss of a son, Marquez Griffin’s ministry will inspire you to live your life victoriously.

Born and raised by his grandparents in the city of Monroe, La. At a very young age, Marquez was marked different, creative, and a natural born leader by his family, and school teachers. At 16, he became a voice on the local hip-hop radio station in Monroe, La. Though Troubled by childhood abuse, Marquez turned to rap as a way to communicate his traumatic experiences. Rapping at school, on the local hip-hop radio station and everywhere else he went, Marquez created a strong buzz. In Just a few short months he caught the attention of Big Ed The Assassin; an American rapper signed to Master P’s No Limit Records in 1992. In Late 2000 Big Ed asked Marquez to be apart of his rap group called "Block Burners" and Featured Him On His 2001 Hit Single and Album "Caught In The Crossfire." Marquez was completely excited about his new life of fame and a promising future with Big Ed. In July 2001 in one moment it all came crumbing down when breaking news announced Big Ed the Assassin had lost his battle to cancer.

The pain and rejection Marquez felt was the turning point moment of his life. After battling depression and suicidal thoughts In March 2002 Marquez got saved. He also received The Baptism of The Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. By January 14th, 2004 Marquez Griffin preached his first public prophetic sermon at progressive baptist church in Monroe, La. Souls were saved that night and Marquez Griffin never looked back. He now resides in DFW Texas with his lovely wife Marguerite Griffin and their three beautiful children. He has published three books, made several guest appearances on the international TV broadcast programs such as; Wisdom Keys of Mike Murdock; and founded his own company Prophet Marquez International. Marquez Griffin Is The True Definition of An Overcomer. His Debut Album "Emotional Warfare" Is Now Pre-released on a World-Wide Digital Platform Such As Amazon, iTunes and More; Official Released Date September 23rd 2014.

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